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Thu 9/21/2017 10:41 PM

I had my first treatment 5 years ago, in the UK, by one of the world’s leading specialists.
Though very good, I feel compelled to say that Dr. Damkerng (Khun Pat) and his team delivered a whole new level of attention to detail, care and, dare I say it, expertise.

The consultations were more thorough and reassuring. The team he has clearly love and respect him - and this very same level of care is shared with the patient. He took time to explain what was happening during the procedure, even showing me the donor grafts. The whole experience felt like a spa treatment. Thoroughly enjoyable, pain free and totally relaxing.

And the results? Wow! Today was the day of my treatment and based upon my previous experience it is clearly evident that the results will be better than the previous treatment I had. Both treatments were 1000 grafts, FUE, but Dr. Damkerng went the extra distance to ensure everything was perfect: 1117 grafts. He truly cares about his work. The pre-treatment consultations clearly demonstrated that he had the artistic acumen to deliver a result that was aesthetic and realistic. This was extremely comforting.

I have friends who are interested in undertaking a similar procedure, and interested in seeing my results. I will be recommending DHT to them for sure.

Dr. Damkerng - my heartfelt thanks to you and your wonderful team. I’m over the moon and it was worth every penny! For other people considering such treatment - really - just do it - and look no further than DHT. It’ll transform your confidence, your looks, how people perceive you, how you perceive yourself - simply put it'll change your life!

Anny B

Hi Dr Path,

I would just like to say a big thanks to you and your amazing team of professional people. It's only 4 days after my surgery but I feel it's only right for me to thank and give recognition to the people who gave me good experience.
I read up a lot of reviews before deciding which clinic to go to and even though I knew I would be attended by one of the best in the business, I couldn't help but felt nervous. The anxiety went away from the moment I started speaking to the staffs, nurses etc. Everyone seems to be able to provide sound advises; they are consistent; always caring and assuring. However, the best thing you did (apart from giving me new hairline) was to call me in the evening and checked that I was doing fine and reminded me what not to do. You didn't have to, but u did and that was great.



Dear Dr Pathomnavanich and his beautiful and kind staff: 

I just want to say thank you so much !! you have completely and utterly blown to smithereens :-))my feeling of being ugly and uncomfortable I had because of the scars that were visible before your work !! I know I am not supposed to judge the work at this point, but even with the hairs that fell out, it still looks so beautiful and so much better- I am not longer ashamed to let my hair blow in the wind ! I feel so much more free ! and happy!!
Thank you all so much , and I know now why you laughed when i  wai’d the doctor as for the King heheh or a monk, but actually when  I look back , I think I did right, because he can  be called “The King of Hair “!!
Thank you all and I send you all my very best wishes and best from my heart and I hope that you shall only have wonderful clients and a long beautiful and happy success continuing at Dr Pathomvanich’s ! you’re the best !!!
Thank you so much, 

 I was the funny blond american who came in !

Good morning, 

 How are you all, hope you are well. 

 I am very happy with the results and further to my procedure of 22/09/14 I am considering a follow-up procedure this September, 2016. 

 I wonder if you could tell me if there has been any advancement in technology since 2014 such as a thinner tool etc.

I would like to thicken the density of the hairs across the top of the head and also lower the hairline at the front towards the forehead. 

 I’m interested to know if the best procedure would be FUE or FUT and would be happy to perform either as before.

Kind regards,

good morning Dr Pathomvanich and all your lovely staff...

I would just like to thank you all for the amazing care and treatment you showed me during my hair transplant operation, you exceeded all my expectations and I am absolutely delighted with the results of my transplant but even more so with how I was treated as a patient.
The grafts are all holding well, and the swelling has gone, I shall be getting the blue stitches out tomorrow. There is no pain or discomfort and everything seems to be healing nicely, I had my girlfriend take some photos, she's a professional photographer so I will be sending you constant updates of the transplant's progress, you are more than welcome to use them on your website if you so wish.
I shall definitely be booking in again early next year to have the remainder of my scalp done, all upon your recommendations of course.
I've attached some photos of when I arrived home.
Again, thank you so much, you and your staff are worth your weight in gold, I wish you all the happiness in the world and if there is anything I can do for you then you just name it...
Warmest regards,

March 17th, 2015

First of all I want to say how amazing it was at your clinic. The DHT clinic staff treated me with exceptional customer service, and put my fears away immediately starting with your smile and cordial manner.  I felt welcome almost instantly, and that's thanks to you.
The staff then proceeded to take time and walk me thru the procedure comparing the FUE and FUT options and didn't pressure me to either like most clinics have been known to per the reviews online.  I was simply impressed beyond my expectations and couldn't help feel a sense of family integrity there.