More than 25 years experience in hair
transplantation industry

Is Hair Transplant painful ?

Majority of our patients have informed us that the pain was minimal and bearable. The procedure is done under local twilight anesthetic with state of the art administration using the smallest gauge needle available. Slow injection and massage for distraction is done to make patients feel relaxed and almost pain free. For long procedures we will inject more local anesthetic before it starts to wear off. The patient will also be given pain pills and sleeping pills to assure a good night sleep after the procedure.

How much does it cost for Hair Transplantation?

The cost depends on the size of the baldness that needs transplantation. We use a scaling discount that means the more grafts transplanted the less you pay. For a rough estimation please send us your pictures in different profiles and we will get back to you as soon as we receive your photos.

How many days do I need to stay in Bangkok, Thailand?

You need to stay in Thailand at least 3-4 days.

Day 1 for consultation

Day 2 for surgery

Day 3 for follow up or you may depart back to your country

Day 4 for follow up in mega sessions or you may depart on this day

What happens if I need a follow up for any complications?

Hair transplant is a minor surgical procedure and most of its complications are self limited eg., redness, swelling, folliculitis, numbness etc. It is safe to fly back home the next day after surgery or you may extend your stay a few more days for sight seeing and shopping. Should you have any complications you may contact us by email or phone as our patients have done in the past and we will respond immediately.

What sort of guarantee or assurance can you give me?

There is no 100% guarantee in medical practice, approximately 90% of the transplanted grafts will grow after 3-6 months in good hands. However if there is no growth which has never happened in our practice you may return for surgery free of charge.

How soon after the procedure can I get back to work?

Most of our patients go back to work between 2-7 days after hair transplantation however if you really have to, you can go back to work the very next day. If you are completely bald you may use a hat or head scarf to hide the grafts for the first week. You may also use Toppik which is a non toxic color fiber that can blend with your existing hair or use your existing hair to camouflage the transplanted area. Hair piece wearers must change to the clip because glue or tape cannot be placed on the grafted area. You may wear the hair piece after 4-5 days or longer after surgery.

When can I see the tangible result?

The average time to see the significant difference is 8-10 months. The transplanted hairs are in resting phase for 4 months, thereafter, the hairs will start to grow again albeit need time to catch up the expected length.

How many grafts do I need to meet my goal?

The number of grafts in need is depending on the area and the expected density. Large area requires higher number of grafts. The doctor will discuss with you for the optimal number at the time of consultation.

What is the Average Ratio of Hair Counts in Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation?

The average ratio is 2 hairs per 1 follicular unit. Individual patient has the different property.