Monday 29/06/2009
30b Simpson Drive
Padbury, Perth.
Western Australia.
Australia.  6025.
Mob Ph:  +61 433 44 96 88
As a Transsexual, my needs were double fold, when I was presented to Dr Damkerng Pathomvanich.  Dr Damkerng Pathomvanich had been recommended by a very well
known and leading Transsexual Surgeon in Thailand, where I had just received a full brow lift which left me with a large scar the length of my front hairline.  Also I had Male Patterned Baldness and my existing hairline was a good 2 full inches back from where it, aesthetically should be as a natural female hairline.
I underwent 3 completely painless procedures with Dr Pathomvanich and his exceptionally skilled and internationally trained staff at the DHT Clinic, and in light of my personal situation, their compassion, understanding and professionalism made me feel completely relaxed and respected throughout my three procedures.
Dr Pathomvanich explained to me that with the Mega Sessions, best results are achieved in one sitting, however we (they) achieved my completely successful transplant in three sessions spaced about 6 months apart, over 18 months as financially this worked better for me.
The results as you can see from my photos are outstanding and my hair continues to get better and thicker.  Even now, one year later if I explain to people the procedures I underwent at the DHT Clinic with Dr Pathomvanich and his team, people just don’t believe me. 
The manor in which this has changed my life is just unexplainable, the confidence and feeling complete and 100% natural when looking in the mirror at my hair.  Of all the Aesthetic procedures I’ve undergone (and there now are quite a few) this has without doubt been the most directly life changing.
Thankyou so very much Damkerng, friend for life!!!