Dear Dr Path/Dr Oravan
I am sorry for this late thank you to both of you and all the other doctors in your clinic, and when I came to your clinic at that time, you clearly understand why I choose the hair restoration surgery. It’s the best way, and permanently. I would like to say you are performing a tremendous career, helping the people who suffer the hair loss rebuild the confidence, and I think the confidence is the most important for me, without the confidence I cannot do anything well. You helped me, and even saved me. I think all the man cannot accept the reality that they are suffering hair loss. Before the surgery I don’t like go social and everywhere gathered in too many people because the hair loss. I often felt embarrassing when I met my friends, and they laugh at me even not on purpose. You know yellow race people in Asia have the hair problem is the very minority. People around me at my same age don’t even no one have the hair problem at all. They lived a same kind of life same as me, they don’t, but I do, so I feel unfair and frustrated. I always ask myself “ why me”.
So your work is amazing, I look in mirror, the result is very good. Your technique is excellent. I feel well with my long and narrow scar in donor area. So thank you again. your hairline design is amazing too.