Dear Dr Pathomnavanich and his beautiful and kind staff: 

I just want to say thank you so much !! you have completely and utterly blown to smithereens :-))my feeling of being ugly and uncomfortable I had because of the scars that were visible before your work !! I know I am not supposed to judge the work at this point, but even with the hairs that fell out, it still looks so beautiful and so much better- I am not longer ashamed to let my hair blow in the wind ! I feel so much more free ! and happy!! 
Thank you all so much , and I know now why you laughed when i  wai’d the doctor as for the King heheh or a monk, but actually when  I look back , I think I did right, because he can  be called “The King of Hair “!!
Thank you all and I send you all my very best wishes and best from my heart and I hope that you shall only have wonderful clients and a long beautiful and happy success continuing at Dr Pathomvanich’s ! you’re the best !!!
Thank you so much, 

 I was the funny blond american who came in !