It has been almost one year since my procedure, and all the implanted hair seems to have grown. I hope you can see and understand the before and after pictures. I was hoping for 5000 implants, but you were only able to get just over 4500 because I despite my best efforts, could not get more laxity in my scalp.
Maybe one day, I will have a little fill-in work done.
Anyway, I am extremely pleased with the results, and I am constantly amazing people who have not seen me for some time. The front hairline is perfect, and much more pleasing than my original hairline ever was. There is still some thinness at the crown, but you warned me about that. No problem. The overall effect has framed my face and my wife and friends say I look not 5 - 10 years younger, but 10 - 20 years younger. That is a very good result in any language!