Hair Transplant Technique

Hairline Design Laser

LASER assisted rapid hairline design

Hairline placement is important. It frames the face and has the most impact on a patient's appearance. Instead of a monotonous universal bell shape, the hairline should be designed to match the individual’s facial contour for the best aesthetic result. One of the criteria for a properly placed hairline is symmetry. Differences in symmetry and height from one side to the other impair facial attractiveness. Hairline placement can be very time consuming. The doctor and the patient discuss the hairline design at length until the patient is satisfied. And regardless of the time spent during the consultation, it is difficult to record the exact hairline design on drawings or photographs. The entire procedure has to be repeated again on the day of the surgery.

DHT Clinic has invented a new LASER device to assist rapid hairline placement.
1. Time saving - the patient then looks into the mirror to choose a design before the hairline is traced with a marker. A symmetrical hairline can be completed in less than a minute.
2. Individual design - the hairline described is unique and best suited to the individuals facial contour.

Hairline design is a combination of science and art. Our doctors will seek your opinion to draw a new hairline most suitable for your facial contour.

We have developed a device for hairline placement to achieve symmetry as much as possible.

The device utilizes laser technology for precision as seen in the photo. This has been published in numerous textbooks.